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Mobile Phones in Afghanistan

We’ve got a new video up at TelecomTV. We’re going to be uploading extended sequences from the Mobile Planet documentary, throughout the year, with added up-to-the-minute information and footage. These will be part of the Assignment video series (following last month’s feature on Google’s Android).

First up, Afghanistan. An incredible place, and I really do hope that mobile and communications play a positive part in helping the country become more secure and stable. We meet some wonderful people during our stay.

Anyway, here’s the blurb:

Decades of war and civil unrest had virtually destroyed telecoms in Afghanistan. During Taliban rule, only one person in a hundred had access to a telephone. There were no reliable landlines, and no mobile networks. Given the mountainous terrain, mobile was the only solution for rapidly providing Afghanistan with a modern communications system. Exclusive TelecomTV report from Kabul, Afghanistan

Watch it here


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