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TelecomTV logo

Okay, enough messing around. Here’s the score. We have a perfectly good website over at In fact, it’s the business (if your business is Telecoms, that is). As the Content Director and co-founder of TelecomTV, what am I doing here?

Well, this site started out as a test site; putting up various posts using a multitude of different technology, then taking them down. All in private. I’ll still be doing this; it’s good to use third party software and applications in this case, as it helps discover what our users are doing themselves.

But this will very much be a live blog as well. You’ll get content on here that doesn’t appear on TelecomTV. Why? Because it’s easier to test using real content than it is using fake — or rather, it’s a much better use of my time. Also, I’ll be able to post content here that’s just too radical, even for TelecomTV.

There will also be a load of reblogging going on.

Comments certainly are welcome.



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